Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat

Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat (YKM) is a romantic thriller. It deals with a whole lot of fun, romance and suspense. It is story of an innocent boy Vicky. The plot involves an innocent poor boy, who is a happy go lucky, always trying to live a stylish life. He is always in search of a rich girl with a view to live a luxurious life with her money. He lives in a motor garage with his six friends. the friends always help him with his requirements. One of the friends is a dress designer and provides him the artist’s clothes and imported cars are provided to him to enjoy life. The boy falls in love with a rich girl, Tina. He presents himself to be a rich boy, fool her and romance with her. He saves a rich man (Rahul Thakral) from the goons, who offers him a job. The boy gets a shock when he comes to know that the job involves spying Rahul’s wife. He is again shocked to see the wife, she is Tina. He is confused. Priya is a glamorous woman and has high standards of living. She has an emotional bond with.

Credited cast:
  Krishna Abhishek    
  Viveka Babajee
Priya Thakral 
  Sheeba Bhakri    
  Dinesh Hingoo
Gurkha Bahadur 
  Sharad S. Kapoor
Rahul Thakral 
  Johnny Lever
  Mehmood Jr.
  Mukesh Rishi
Asst. Comm. of Police 
  Anjan Srivastav
  Deepak Tijori
Vijay Pal